Luca Arnaud Architecture



Luca Arnaud Architecture is a young firm with a long experience.
Luca brings a wealth of design talent across a broad range of building typologies, from commercial to residential, from healthcare to hospitality, his background has been shaped in 25 years of work within the design environment.
LAA believes that design is a process of communication. We ask specific questions to find out what we have to know to help the clients get the building and the space they desire and to clarify their own goals.
We define this a ‚Äúconsultative approach”. By this we mean that nothing happens from a design point of view until a thorough understanding of the client’s needs has been reached.
To get these answers requires asking questions that get to the heart of the project in order to set the foundation for every decision that will influence the entire design process.
We scrutinize options, pilot the process, evaluate the alternatives, foresee the possible problems and advise the client about solutions. We apply this procedure to the whole range of our expertise: residential, commercial, healthcare and interior design.

Why us?

We are a passionate, enthusiastic, highly experienced and professional team. Our greatest ambition is to meet or exceed your expectations.
We give our clients our full attention and commitment.
We are a team of excellence
We work with our clients to create spaces that help them to thrive in their home environments from lifestyle to livelihood, from interest to safe haven.
We work to create spaces which help to encourage positive work environments, to be more efficient which translates in to enhanced profitability.
We are Italians in origin, and that gives us a natural flair for elegant design, but we also have an extensive British experience, and this makes us efficient and pragmatic in serving you.
We worked in many different places, cultures, ethnicities, environments and climates, among them Italy, UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Libya, Congo, Kyrgyzstan, and all these experiences have broadened our professional and personal horizons.